Is it possible to get a bone's scale value from a SkinnedMeshComponent in Blueprint?

I want to retrieve the local scale value of a bone of a SkinnedMeshComponent so I can feed it into a dynamic material instance each frame, but looking through the Skinned Mesh documentation I can’t find a node that lets me do this.

If I were using a Poseable Mesh it looks like I could retrieve the scale with GetBoneScaleByName, but I need to use animations, which, according to this question, are not supported by Poseable Meshes.

I think It might be possible to compute the scale through some clever use of the Transform from/to Bone Space nodes but I was wondering if there were a more direct method.

I can see the scale values I need in the Details pane of the animation editor when I select the desired bone, so I know the values are there, but unless I’m missing something I can’t see a way to retrieve these values in Blueprint.