Is it possible to focus an Editable Text Box and have PlayerController keyboard controls work at the same time?

I’d like to be able to input text into a UMG Widget at the same time as having a BP Class take Keyboard inputs. Regardless of the solution: I need both to recieve inputs in the form of either text or direct key inputs.

I’ve got two solutions to my issue so far:
1: Take Keyboard inputs through a BP Class, do what I need to do with them (animating virtual keyboard keystrokes) and pass them onto the Widget to type. While the first part of this solution worked just fine, text inputs were sometimes laggy and inconsistent (due to being triggered based on a Timeline’s Float output).

2: Focus the Widget and type directly into the text box. Convert the Text to a String (Using the OnTextChanged Event) and Right Chop most of the text out; leaving only the most recently entered character. Send the last character to the BP Class and SwitchOnString (seeing as each physical key has it’s own Timeline) depending on that Key. I’d rather not continue with this solution.

What I’d really like to be able to do is have my BP Class take Keyboard inputs at the same time as the Editable Text Box is Focused; seeing as I’ve already got that setup, although I’m not sure on if there’s a way to have the Focus not consume input.

Hi, did you find a way to do this? This is exactly what I’m looking into right now. It’s a bit trickier for my purposes, because I’m wanting my player controller to detect a non-printing character (e.g. tab) while a text-box is capturing keyboard input. I suspect that I’ll have to do something similar to your option 1.

I think Focus consumes input by definition but I’m not 100% sure.