Is it possible to export to web ?

Is it possible to export to web ?
It would be really useful for me .

Export what to the web? If you’re looking to share your project files online, you’re best off researching and using SVN or Git.

I mean to play the game i’v made with a web player just like unity has it’s own web player .

Oh. I think a web player is still in planning. Last thing I seen on this was the preview with mozilla, but there might have been more progress since then.

Unity uses a plugin to handle the web player, Epic and Mozilla are ttying to push for a more native implementation which will take more time, but could make things like this easier for everyone in the future.

They’re working on adding HTML5 support.

HTML5 support along the lines of Unity web player without hustle would rock.

There is “preview” support for building your project for HTML5. This compiles everything into JavaScript and runs natively in a web browser, no “player” plugin is even necessary. You’ll need to grab the code from GitHub and unpack the in order to use the HTML5 platform.


How complicated is it to hijack that javascript game compared to a compiled binary?

The web pipeline compiles C++ into LLVM platform-independent assembly language and then translates that into JavaScript. The resulting JavaScript should be roughly equally vulnerable to reverse-engineering as a Windows executable file.

We recently published some documentation for our HTML5 platform support.

You can view it here:

Please note that the current pipeline is experimental and not without some caveats and quirks, but it is functional.