Is it possible to edit the existing third person animations that come with Unreal Engine 4?

My knowledge of animation and rigging is very limited so I’ve been using Mixamo to create basic characters that work good enough for a first person perspective. However I need a new walking animation that would allow me to attach a socket and place objects into the hand e.g. a flashlight.

Is there any way of editing the default third person animations as it would simply be a case of ‘freezing’ the right arm during the walk animation instead of needing to create an entirely new animation from the beginning. Thanks.

I think from what I’ve seen in previous Twitch videos this might be possible in UE4, re-key the animation, but personally I do not use UE4 for this type of stuff, even for the simplest of changes, I would export the animation to FBX and use Max to do the modification. It’s easy to do this in Max or would be similarly easy in Maya or even Blender I would guess.

So, yes, you can modify existing animations, and yeah I think it is possible in UE4, though can’t help you out there directly since I’ve never used it, but only saw on a Twitch video that the feature exists. But yeah, definitely easy enough with a program like Max or Maya or whatever.

With that said, you should be able to affect the arm in your animation blueprint as well. So in stead of modifying the actual animation, basically use some over riding control on there like given a set rotation or even use IK to drive that arm. There’s ways to deal with it like that as well.

When you want to modify an existing animation, just open it in persona - click on the record button - move some bones - save it :slight_smile:

Awesome response, thank you for the information. I will try this in the engine itself first and see if I can come up with a good solution otherwise I will do it in a 3D modelling program instead. At least I now know this can be done so it should save me some time and a few headaches :stuck_out_tongue:

This sounds perfect, I had no idea it was this simple and could be done directly in Persona itself. Thank you for the help, I will try this later and see how it goes :slight_smile:

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Just keep this issue in mind before you are going to modify anything on Third Person template animations (4.8.x - 4.9.0 are bugged). Otherwise it might happen that you put many hours in such modifications and find yourself with an animation that is incompatible to pretty much all other animations (like free starter pack or animations on market place) afterwards. If you would just move some bone it’s even possible to mark the bone and add some keys (either at start or somewhere in between). It is sometimes easier than the record button. For example if your mesh differs too much from the mannequin and it looks like he is running like an ape with too much spread legs you could just mark one bone (e.g. Thigh_L) switch to the first frame, rotate it to an angle that does not look that strange and hit Key and Apply. This would add an additive layer track and you could even export such an animation and import it back to get rid of the additive layer (which is sometimes necessary if you would put such an animation in a blendspace afterwards).

Obhib…so, I use blender and thought hey this would be alot easier than trying to figure it out in UE4 , although in blender when you import a Skeleton from a FBX the bones seem to just “splatter” in a sense (I am unsure about other programs but can say it surely does happen in blender) I myself am having the same issue, am following along w/ a tutorial on youtube, got a character and animation from Mixamo and what is happening is the animation moves, rather than an in place sequence, so when you put that animation into use in UE4 it animates just find til the end of the animation where it puts the character back at the place of origin where the animation started it’s loop. End result is a strobe like effect of an animation and character bouncing from end to start of the animation :frowning: I myself am new to UE4 and blender, doing this really for a hobby nothing professional so the resources put into my recreational projects are very limited. Although I am trying to learn and keep myself busy :slight_smile: So I tried to just simply locate the root of the character and keep the animation, just moving root to point of origin, however, there does not to seem to be a root in the downloaded character skeleton. Also tried selecting all bones, however in the model only the last bone in the list would hilight. So yeah, unsure how to fix it other than redoing the entire animation, and w/ that would mean generating a new rig for the model. Now…in saying that, not quite sure that’s what beginners really want to go through to learn how to use UE4, but seems to be the only viable option that I know of. Also just noticing the years inbetween my comment and the rest, if anyone knows of a link to a more current verion of this topic I would like to be guided in that direction :slight_smile: