Is it possible to edit editor materials?

I’m trying to change the High Resolution Screenshot background from green to white. This article indicates its possible to edit the material it uses, though they’re editing the material for a difference reason:

The material is located Engine/EngineMaterials/HighResolutionScreenshotMaskFunction. Is it possible to edit this material, or maybe use a new material for the HRS tool?

I ask this because the mask isn’t perfect and leaves a green line, I’d prefer this line to be white.

The only thing that comes into my mind is, that any changes to some engine content will be lost after an update.

Using a new material in the tool would just shift that ‘update problem’ one layer up, because the tool itself gets the updates as well and is coded into the engine menues.

I checked the reference viewer for the HighResolutionScreenshotMaskFunction if there’s any use of these in other parts of the system to make sure, there’s no side effect, which looks ok.

So I’d give id a try, but just make sure to keep copies of the original materials and bp functions before changing anything.

Hi Herb,
How do I actually edit the material? I can’t work out how to get to the screenshot youve linked.
I’ll mark your answer as the correct one on your reply.

Hi ZiggyShaw, as to the screenshot above, this is just the Reference Viewer. This allows to see, which objects are related to each other, e.g. which textures are used by which materials, which materials are used by which objects etc…

To get that, just select any object in Content Browser and use Alt+Shift+R or Right mouse Button for context menu to get this. It has nothing to do with material editing, I just checked, if anything else is using this material to avoid side effects when changing this.

As to the material editing: in Content Browser, you need to enable the Show Engine Content Checkbox. This is found on the lower right in Content Browser in View Options Drop Down.

Now you can see the folders for Engine Content in the content browser navigation. Go into the folder Engine/EngineMaterials and make a copy of material HighResScreenshot. Move it somewhere to your own project folders, e.g. a folder Backup to have it available for restore into the engine content.

Open the material editor by double click on the original HighResScreenshot material in the Engine Contents.

You can now change the green color node to white (double click or use Details section on the left, while having this color node selected). Save your material and test,

I hope, this will work as you expect.