Is it possible to dynamically create UMG slots with nested BP Widgets?


I’ve been trying to work this out using BP nodes, but am lost / stuck. I hope someone can help out:

I want to dynamically create a level selection menu (with potentially thousands of levels). My concept is fairly simple, but I just can’t make it work without manually creating some elements in UMG. The reason I feel this would help me is that I can then use the two child BP widgets for layout / style template and just pipe variable into them as they are spawned.


BP WIDGET > CANVAS > VERTICAL BOX > SCROLL BOX > Child BP containing WRAP BOX > Child BP containing BUTTON

What I am currently doing is setting up the Wrap Boxes in the main BP Widget, the dynamically adding the Child Button BP to each Wrap Box using loops.
When I tried to add the Wrap boxes as a child BP, I wasn’t able to figure out how to nest the Button BP as a child of the Wrap Box BP.


How to I add a child to a child during nested loops? Also, how can I create a Wrap box and add it to the canvas at runtime ready to have children added to it during nested loops?

I also want to know.

im not sure if i understand the question, but ive just developed this as my first unreal project after 3 months learning, so its quite possible. if this is what you mean i can explain to some degree how i did it