Is it possible to dynamically choose a Data Table to load in Blueprint?

I have hundreds of Data Tables. Depending on the situation, data needs to be read from one of these tables. I would like to construct a string with the name of the correct table, and then load data from this table. This does not seem to be possible in Blueprint with the available nodes in 4.10.1

Here is my current setup for processing data from a SINGLE table:


I even have to select the name of the table in two different Nodes (leftmost and rightmost). It won’t let me connect the “Data Table” output to the “Data Table” input.
But more importantly, I can’t convert a dynamically generated string to a Data Table input. For each table I want to read data from, I need an instance of these five nodes in my Blueprint. Does not seem reasonable for a large number of Data Tables.

So my questions are:

  • How to process a large number of Data Tables in Blueprint?
  • Is there a way to convert a string to a Data Table reference that can be connected to the “Data Table” input of the “Get Data Table Row” node?
  • Is there actually any node that can be connected to this input? I couldn’t find any.
  • Can the setup shown in my screenshot be improved? Is there an easier way to get an array of the table row names?

I’ve already posted in answerhub, but no reply there:

I’m using an SQL lite plugin for this. Do a search for SQLLITE3 UE PLUGIN I think. It works well in 4.10, although there’s a bool which tries to locate your db file relative to the content folder which doesn’t seem to work.

I suppose I could just put all my data into a single giant table, and extract the correct rows from there. It’s just not very convenient.

Runtime DataTable (see signature) will let you load any csv or Google Sheet at runtime so you can have multiple different ones at different links or file locations.