Is it possible to draw relationship lines between two actors in the Editor?

In Radiant, entities that target one another have a relationship lines drawn with arrow pointing at the target. For example, teleport source and destination points are connected with arrows on the line pointing from source to target. Another example is a trigger with line going toward entity that will be triggered.

This way it’s easy to see what’s going on and what targets what (can be messy at times :stuck_out_tongue: )

Is it possible to have the same kind of visual representation in UE4 Editor ?

I know exactly what you mean, it’s one thing I like about Radiant. I’m guessing you can do this with blueprint; sorry I’ve never even thought about doing this, but I bet if you sit down and give it a shot it can be done. I would try it but don’t have any free time this week.

Is there a way to draw debug lines in BP ? If so, then it should be easy. But having arrows might not be :confused: