Is it possible to do Orthographic (instead of low-fov-perspective?)


We’re looking to make a retro orthographic 3/4 view game - so the camera slightly above and looking down at the world.
However, whenever I try to set a camera to orthographic, all the textures/lighting dissappear.
I’ve noticed swing ninja uses a 10deg perspective camera (not orthographic) and tap chicken is also using a perspective camera.

Is it not possible to use an orthographic camera for some reason. Low FOV perspective wouldn’t be ideal for us, since we don’t want to see any convergence in the game grid as it moved up the screen.



If I had to guess, the shading going haywire when using orthographic view probably has something to do with deferred rendering, sounds like the post processing and shading/light rendering can’t receive proper data from any of the buffers (such as depth buffer, etc.) if the view isn’t in perspective. That’s my idea on it anyway, I could be totally wrong, it’s just the first thing that popped in my mind.

You should post this on AnswerHub.

Edit: This appears to be happening only in camera preview screen, and it looks normal in game. Still, you should post this on AnswerHub so that Epic staff can confirm if it is a bug or not.

Thanks. I will.

I hooked up the camera for ingame and, while the textures are visible ingame, the shadows disappear and the lighting is generally wrong.
Here’s two piccies just switching between


I’ll post it on answerhub. seems like it could be a few legit bugs.