Is it possible to do a 13x13 matrix out of letters?

So my attempt is to make a text/letter based game. When the player scavenges and wants to go to different locations, he will move inside a matrix out of letters. I have seen that before, in an old school styled android game. It would look like this:

So when the player moves 1 letter up, all the letters would be put 1 letter box down and the letter “P”, for Player, would stay. The “P”/Player is always in the middle of the matrix. If “O” is a dungeon, for example, the Player has to move onto that letter, to go into said dungeon.
I think you can get the idea from this.

I actually have multiple questions now:

  • Is there any kind of premade matrix calculation available, that could fit my needs?
  • Does anyone have an idea of how to do the logic for the map? (I thought about having a premade “Letter-map” to load from or maybe create every letter, that will move into the players view matrix, with possibilitiys for dungeons, villages, forest, normalground… and save the letters going out of the view from the Player. (While the player is moving of course) )

  • Is it wise to use UMG for this and do it like I intend to? (I created the example, from the first picture above, inside a WidgetBlueprint. Then I just created that WidgetBlueprint inside the PlayerBlueprint and added it to the Viewport, like in the second picture. Now my attempt is to just manipulate the matrix-textfields with the matrix-logic, from inside the PlayerBlueprint.)

If there is any need on more information or what ever it is that helps, tell me and I will do my best to provide anything needed, as fast as I can.

Thank you so much in advance for any help!! :slight_smile:

No idea about matrix functions in the editor, but you might be able to get away with just using an array, and store the ‘letters’ to each index corresponding with the position in the “matrix”

Yeah I thought the same about the array.
But I never did a matrix logic, so I hope to get some more answers on my questions.
I might just have to use an array and do the whole matrix logic myself with that.

Gotta do more research on “matrix” I guess.