Is it possible to displace or remove water from inside a mesh?

Hi all.
So i been messing around a bit and made myself a small test boat.
now this looks weird. boat is full of water.

is it possible to displace water or remove it from inside a mesh?

My small test boat.

im assuming it will either a be a box or b its not solid?

sorry. but can you explain what you mean by its box or solid ?

well short of fixing my editor and helping, the mesh itsself will always have the water flow through it the same as it does land short of making it wider and the mesh sit higher u would need to add an action to the water or mesh that bends the waterplane the same way u make waves…

i apologize i cant be of more assistance until i fix my devkit :frowning:

something like this would be easier but c++ is out

It might be a collision problem. So the mesh that’s on the boat you should mess around with different collisions and see if you can get the water to stay out of the boat. Other than that it may not be something that you can do with the current dev kit set up.

I’d consider putting a floor on the boat to be above the water plane… maybe something shallow depth like a hovercraft.

Between engine clip in the sand and wrestling for a cheap frame solution for your water problem… might be easier to avoid depth in general.

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