Is it possible to disable mouse acceleration ingame?

I am looking for a way to let my players disable or enable mouse acceleration with my ingame settings, but so far my search has yielded nothing.

Does anyone know how to disable/enable it from my game, or if it is even possible to do so? Some threads I came across implied that the feature was removed some time ago.

What do you mean by mouse acceleration?

Mouse acceleration is a feature where the speed the pointer moves across the screen at is determined by the speed you move your mouse. People generally prefer to disable it since it can make their aim inconsistent while playing games. Usually this would be turned off with the settings in the computer itself, but I wanted to see if it would be possible to add it as an ingame feature.

If it’s for aiming, then you would probably write the control for that separately.

In Edit -> Project Settings, you can go to Input -> Mouse Properties and disable “Enable Mouse Smoothing” and “Enable FOVScaling”. You can also toggle the r.OneFrameThreadLag console command that may influence other mouse issues.

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