Is it possible to disable Gamepad Thumbstick?


I have a UMG widget for my player inventory, when I open it I want my player to still be able to run around, which he does, but the undesired result is that when he is running around, the gampad left thumbstick is also cycling through the inventory UMG. I tried looking into On Key Down, but it still cycles through the inventory, can anyone provide a little insight?

Thank you!

For any looking to achieve similar results

I added these include to my gamemode.cpp
#include “Framework/Application/SlateApplication.h”
#include “Framework/Application/NavigationConfig.h”

  1. within beginplay()
    TSharedRef<FNavigationConfig> customconfig = MakeShareable(new FNavigationConfig);
    customconfig->bAnalogNavigation = false;

I haven’t had a chance make sure this is as efficient, but if you are looking for similar results, this seems to be about right.