Is it Possible to Delay Ragdoll in an Animation?

Hi, my friend and I are trying to mod the ragdoll physics of a unit in XCOM 2 called the Sectopod. This unit originally didn’t have a ragdoll, probably because implementing one would have been to complex for the devs.

This unit has two states. Extended, or ‘standing’ and unextended or 'crouching.

Here’s what it does:

It changes from one state to the other. When ragdoll gets involved, this gets complicated. Is there a way to make it so that, e.g. in the animset editor or something, the ragdoll is only used by the animation after, in this case, the sectopod have exploded? Because the problem is when the sectopod is raised its death animation uses the phys asset of the unextended, crouching sectopod so the proportions are wrong and in the upper leg area the constraints are pulled apart making it look a bit like the sectopod is floating during its death animation in the ‘standing’ position, its basically an eyesore. However our problem would probably be solved if we could delay the time it takes for the ragdoll to take effect, so the death animation can play without the physics so it looks normal and by the time the ragdoll gets used the animation is already over.

I was wondering if this was possible? It seems like from the getgo the animation is always using the animation skeleton of the ‘crouching’ position physics asset and for the duration of the animation there is a lot of visual bugs. We tried using RagdollBlendTime in the unit’s archetype to see if that would delay it but all that did was make the animation play as normal and disabled the ragdolling afterwards. Also it’s important to note that we are using the Unreal Development Kit.

If anyone has any idea how to help it would be very appreciated.