Is it possible to deform meshes procedurally with perlin noise in UE4?

I’m currently working on a game that features procedural meshes deformed by perlin noise. I’ve had to settle with Unity since it there is lots of documentation for this in Unity.

I was curious if it’d be possible to achieve something similar in UE4, I’d very much like to transition my project over to UE4.

this is what I’ve been able to achieve with Unity so far, mainly with assets already available to the community since scripting isn’t a forte of mine yet

I don’t know about procedural meshes, but you can deform a mesh using world offset in the material attributes. The material editor also has a Noise node that you can multiply with vertex normals to give the effect you showed.

appreciate the reply mike, glad it’s a possibility in UE4.

Are there any tutorials floating around there on how to achieve this?

There are tons of tutorials covering this. Just search for UE4 Material World Position Offset and your sure to find a few.

thanks mike, i’ll give it a shot.

By the looks of the road map point cache animation is going to be supported in an upcoming version. Real old tech but super simple if all you need is a animated map object.