Is it possible to customize DefaultGame.ini in a shipping build?

I have developed an app that uses the DefaultGame.ini for certain settings via the UDeveloperSettings class. I noticed that when I do a Shipping build of my project that DefaultGame.ini is no longer present so that they are not easily customized after the project has been built. Is there a way to move these settings without breaking a whole bunch of things or make it so that these settings are visible via a shipping build? I want to be able to customize these settings after the project has already been built.

Those are just default settings and if not mistaken they a halt in pak. They are not intended to be modified by the user in shipped game as point of default settings is to keep intentional settings that developer see application to be usedl, if user change them they are lost forever (until reinstall). You should modify standard ini files that keeps user settings.

The application config is stored in OS user directory (in case of windows is \Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local ) there should be ini files there, but settigns you need in exact same segment a varables name as you do in default inis and it should work, those ini files have priority over default once

Is there a global function that I can use in order to access the non-default ini files? For example, I can grab the DefaultGame.ini with:


Or is this more of a matter of changing the UMyCustomSettings from UCLASS(config = Game, defaultconfig) to something else?

I’m looking to do the same thing! Id love to know if you found a way around or were able to edit the defaultgame.ini on the quest 2 at all.
I’m trying to edit my developer settings but I’ve had no luck so far.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Answer: Yes you can… you have to put “Game.ini” in the android folder:

This PC\Quest 2\Internal shared storage\Android\data\MyCompany.MyProject\files\UnrealGame\MyProject\MyProject\Saved\Config\Android


These settings will overwrite what you set in the settings before building.
NOTE: If you want to do this with other files, its worth doing a windows build and going to the folder:


In this folder is all of the .ini files you may have edited. I haven’t tested it but I’m assuming that if you do the same with any of the files and put them in the android file location above you will get the same result and can edit the settings on the headset.

I’m putting this here because “Game.ini” is the same as the engines “DefaultGame.ini”, for some reason the builds name it differently.

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