Is it possible to create your own custom framework?

I want to create a simulation that would handle multiple large datasets. There would be many relationships between fields that need to be defined. This ‘layer’ I am calling a framework. Is unreal engine setup to allow you to create a custom framework like this?

Maybe I should clarify my question more - Multiomics is the study of 4 large areas (big data sets) of micro cell studies. These are my words might not be accurate but I am looking to use unreal engine / blueprints to help in this effort. Before we can do the visual rendering we need to create proper relationships between the data for all these fields for example. This layer would be the ‘framework’ I am looking to create. Above the code and the database.
Thanks for any suggestions

As far as I can tell from what you describe - yes.

Technically every game built on Unreal, or any other engine, is a custom framework for specific data.