Is it possible to create suction physics?

I am creating a space game and I want to implement a decompression mechanic when there is a breach in the hull. To be specific, I am looking to create a area that when triggered will pull other objects towards it then release them into space. I need to know if this is currently possible in UE4 and if anyone would be kind enough to give me a basic tutorial in how to do this that would help tremendously.

Hi Russ -

You should be able to setup a trigger volume which activates a radial force actor for the suction just set the force actor to have a negative strength. and make sure that your actors are all physics actors (Simulate Physics is set to true). You will have to set up a series of activations of several actors to achieve the effect but it is possible.

It might take me a bit but I will see if I can throw a small demo together.

Thank You
Eric Ketchum