Is it possible to create Slate UI from blueprints?

Not yet. It is “under development” at the moment. We’re all waiting with ya buddy.

I know that it is possible to create HUDs from blueprint, but is it possible to create a Slate UI from within blueprints?

any updates about this request?!!!

No news about this ?

UMG is the BP interface for Slate UI that’s in the works. To access it you have to use the -umg argument to the editor.exe (not the launcher). I have only messed with it briefly with the 4.3 preview off of github (haven’t tried it with the preview from the launcher yet). It’s not bad, even usable if you’re staying simple, but it is under development, so expect bugs/wierdness. Also, with it enabled, persona crashes when trying to open it, so make sure you’re done with persona stuff before enabling it.

Exposing Slate To Blueprints is possible.Apart from UMG i have just finished exposing some very basic functionality on blueprints i might add a textbox and some other small stuff for a simple UI, but it seems smarter to wait it out for the unreal devs to finish the UMG plug in.

On a side note though if you are a programmer i think its much easier and cleaner to stick to hardcoding your UI with Slate espicially if you want games like Flappy Bird. The same stuff they do on flappy bird with dozens of nodes can be done with 100 lines of code using Slate just saying :stuck_out_tongue: