Is it possible to create multiple DMI in a single BP?


Is it possible to create multiple Dynamic Material Instances for different materials…with each material instance intending to be animated using the material(s) parameter name/settings inside of a “single” Class Blueprint? If so…it isn’t possible to create these DMI’s in the Construction Script is it? I mean not multiple DMI’s in a single Construction Script…right? If so…what node allows you to do this?

I have a few BP’s now that create multiple DMI’s in the construction script, so you can do this, but just for clarification are you applying these materials to the same mesh or multiple meshes in the BP? You will only be able to apply one MID to a mesh from the construction script, but if you have more than one mesh in your BP you can assign each mesh with a different MID, if that’s what you mean?

Thank you DotCam…that’s exactly what I wanted to know! Can you tell me what node you used in order to use a single Construction Script to generate multiple DMI’s? Was it a Sequence Node perhaps?

You can just chain them together if you want, or use a sequence, either way.

In the first image below I have moved all of the MID setup into a function, but it’s not necessary at all, I just wanted to tidy up my construction script, so that is what the first attached image shows.

And then below I am setting up 3 separate MID’s for my 3 meshes, and saving the output value into a Variable for each so I can use it later (as shown on the next line down). I annotated the screenshot showing my 3 different meshes, each being set to a separate MID.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions! :slight_smile:

Edit: Right click on the large image below, and choose Open Image in a New Tab to see the full sized image.