Is it possible to create isometric tiled/snapping game interfaces (eg simulator game like grids)?

Hi all,
I am wondering about doing some kind of experiment of creating an isometric-style game that would involve placing tiles in an isometric look (similar to say Project Hospital). I was a huge aficionado of the 1990s Maxis games and have recently tried NewCity which is inspired by A-Train and SimCity 4. Another one to know is Block’hood which has a pretty good neat little multi level isometric cell design. (Maybe involving tacking walls to the cells or other attributes along the vertices)

Are there any existing tutorials or blueprints for what would be necessary for a player to lay down tiles of various types? Ideally multi floor like Block’hood. I have not yet seen any thing that could help pull this off available but would like to experiment with it if it’s an option.

I have thought about trying to do isometric grids in a JavaScript framework such as PhaserJS but would prefer to take a shot at using Unreal Engine for something more immersive. I have at least a basic level of experience with UE and Blender enough to put together some interesting sci fi rooms (gallery of my early summer project).

Thanks for your consideration!

A bit of a start - snap to grid (float)