Is it possible to create custom commands?

All is into the title.

Can we create some new commands like “admincheat addexperience 5000” with for exemple in personnal command could be “admincheat myfunmod resetall”?

It appears possible, I have some tabs open for doing just this.
Just google “” and you should get enough results to do what you want.


Yes, but I believe it requires the use of CustomGameMode as a parent instead of ShooterGameMode and it must also be the first gamemode replacement to be loaded(removing any hopes of stackability).

How exactly you would add these commands, I do not know. I’ve not gone looking through the CustomGameMode.


****, without stackability, it’s not an option for us. Thx for the response guys :slight_smile:

I will use some UI for admin only with call to functions so. It will replaces the use of custom commands… in some way.