Is it possible to create crafting stations where items from 3rd-party mods can be crafted?

the use-case is for my own server, and as follows; there are a number of mods that add great items to the game, but require those items to be crafted in the player’s inventory.
presumably this is for the purposes of keeping the mod clean, and saving the author(s) the extra work of providing a crafting station - or perhaps the author(s) simply prefer in-inventory crafting.
for my server, while i’d love to use these mods, i’m very much against allowing players (including myself) to craft smithy- and fabricator-level items in our inventories.

i don’t want to change anything inside the other mods, or pass off other people’s work as my own. on the other hand, i don’t want to pester busy mod authors to change their mods purely on my behalf.
i simply find crafting high level gear in the player’s inventory to be horribly immersion-breaking, and want to provide myself and my players with an internally consistent experience.

so like the title asks; is it possible to create crafting stations where items from 3rd-party mods can be crafted - and if so, how would that differ from the usual process of creating a custom crafting station?
if this is possible, once i’ve made the station i’ll seek each author’s consent before allowing their items to be crafted from it.

thanks for reading :slight_smile:

This comes down to the same question of mod interaction, really.

There is a thread or post somewhere on these forums about a semi-possible way of attaining an interaction of sorts, but there isn’t much you could do with it, mainly just check if that object/asset/actor exists. Something to do with getting a reference to it without cooking the file.


The issue is its buggy to add those new items to the existing crafting stations. So most make a new crafting station. this means that if i want everything i might have to have 20+ crafting stations. When i create my mods they dont use crafting stations because i think its ridiculous to require players to install yet another modded smithy or fabricator.

I think I just saw the point go flying over your head there, Vindo… :wink:

Jonq wants to create a crafting station to create items from multiple different mods in one crafting station. Think several mods adding their items to a vanilla station, but the vanilla station in this case is a mod station.