Is it possible to create cone shaped collision?

I am currently learing how to create collision through the fbx pipeline. I know that I can use UBX for box shaped collision, USP for sphere shaped collision and UCX for a custom shaped collision. Are there any other (eg cone, cylinder or torus)?

Can’t you use the UCX custom shaped collision with a cone, cylinder or torus?

Yeah, but I could also use UCX for boxes and spheres.

Then the question should be solved. By manualy creating a cone shape as UCX collision you can create a cone shaped collision.

Ah now i get your question. But i guess there is no other way. The unreal engine documentation lists only the collision options you mentioned in your question:

your welcome!

That wasn’t my question. I know that I can do any shape with UCX, I was just wondering if there was another way like UBX and USP since UCX is more performance consuming…

NOW the question is solved :stuck_out_tongue: thank you

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