Is it possible to create animations with Persona


is it possible to make own Animations with Persona, because I found the Button “create asset” so I think I can make own animations, is that right, or what can I do with “Create asset.” And is there an other way to make own Animations WITH Persona?

Hello Jojii,

No, currently there is not way to “MAKE” an animation with Persona.

Yes, but not to a level of control worth using.

Load a skeletal mesh, right-click and create anim montage/composite, double click that to open Persona with that mesh.
Hit Record at the top and move the joints as you like, then hit Stop.

You’ve created an animation… but unless you want to move only a single joint by a set degree (by trimming all prior and following frames) there isn’t much use for animations created this way.

Thanks at all, but I found an other way to create animations. I used blender and there is a plugin/addon that makes it easy to create Animations

Okay, I think this helps. I tried to animate with blender, although this is very complex.