Is it possible to create animation for several meshes

Hi Guys,

I’m UE noob. I intend to give animation to a big monster. What I want to ask is, is it possible to make a separate animation, for example, mouth, upper body, and lower body, then combine it using blueprint? (like plugable objects)

Thank you in advance for your help.


I’ll try it

Yes, but you have to think of it as separate clips for the whole body. You export these animations with the whole skeleton, then inside the AnimGraph you filter each hierarchy to play that animation separately. So inside your animation software:

  1. You have your whole character.
  2. Animate the mouth moving, nothing else.
  3. Export as sequence, for example: “Bite”
  4. When you import the sequence, it will be the same pose with just the biting motion.
  5. Inside the AnimGraph, use the Layered blend per bone node to filter out the jaw. You can now play your bite animation on the jaw only.

That is just a simple example, I think you can figure out how to do the other parts.