Is it possible to create a new asset in the content brower from modular pieces?


I’m wondering if there is anyway to create a new asset from modular pieces? For example, I build a house from modular pieces and I want to save that house in content browser so I can use it for other levels without building it again.


With 4.12, you can merge Mesh into one single! (Menu Windows => Developper tools =>merge actor) but if it’s a building, I think you have to increase a lot the lightmap resolution, it semms, it’s not a good idea with static lights! The cost will be a single drawcall!

With 4.12 and previous versions you can “assemble” all selected actors in viewport into one BP, each mesh will be build individually by lightmass (Menu Blueprint => Convert selected component to blueprint class)

It seems once you merge all the actors into one mesh, you cant edit the new mesh anymore? (like move, or delete some pieces)

In fact, you can’t edit it because it’s a new single mesh!
But you can do it with the blueprint which regroup all your meshes, duplicate the Blueprint, edit it…
So for buildings, BP seems more accurate.