Is it possible to create a metroidvania style camera using blueprint?

I would like to create a camera system like the one shown in this video; - YouTube
Can this be achieved with blueprints and how difficult would implementing this be? Right now I’ve got the standard sidescroller camera template set up with a spring arm, can I still keep this setup or do I need to scrap it totally to implement the kind of camera control I want?

  1. Yes you can do, in C++ or BP. Both are foine.
  2. Metroidvania is basically a platformer with other elements.
  3. Based on point 2 you can use the “Sidescroller template” from the launcher as your starting point.
  4. You don’t need to do like, code a C++ camera actor from scratch or something.
  5. The current sidescroller you’ve is fine, you need to add some lerping for the camera based on the character position from the screen and the character acceleration as well.
  6. Don’t forget in point 5, you need to add what most designers call “Camera window” Check the following article for more about the mechanic itself, when you know the mechanic, it is easy make the logic regardless you doing it code or BP


That was indeed an interesting read but I already know the theory behind what I want to accomplish- and yes it’s a metroidvania style I want, specifically a camera similar to that of Super Metroid. I don’t know how I would implement it as I’m not a game developer and only can work with Blueprints, but I’m by no means an expert with blueprints either. Thank you for your reply.