Is it possible to create a complex collider for a ship?

I want to start using the unreal engine after some time with unity. But before I move to unreal, I was wondering if it is possible to create a complex collider for a player built ship? I am wanting to make a game where players can build battleships out of blocks. The problem I faced in unity was that non-convex mesh colliders are not compatible with non-kenimatic rigidbodies which I needed a non-convex mesh collider on a non-kenimatic rigidbody. The system I tried to create would allow players to build ships out of blocks and other shapes and once construction was complete and the ship was spawned into the world, the game would combine all the blocks into a single mesh with one collider. The collider would have been designed to be one solid collider that takes the shape of the ship, also allowing the player to wander inside of the ship. Is this possible in the unreal engine? Thanks.

Bump. Please I really need to know. If I can’t get an answer I will just stick to unity until I finish my first game.