Is it possible to create a Blueprint that uses the Character Blueprint's CharacterMovement Component, but doesn't have a Capsule Component? Collision Problems

So I have been trying to find out how to create a blank blueprint that has a PaperFlipbook component and a CharacterMovement component for my character blueprint. When I am adding components the CharacterMovement component doesn’t appear as an option in the dropdown menu, I only find the FloatingPawn-, Projectile-, Rotating- and InterpToMovement components. The only way I have figured out to include CharacterMovement so far is to create a Blueprint that is a child of the PaperCharacter blueprint, but it inherits a capsule component which I don’t want.

This is a problem for me as I intend to have the character’s collision settings follow the flipbook’s Shrink Wrapped 3D collision settings. I need pixel-precise collision as this is a 2D game which relies on accurate collision, and I have not found a way to do it so far. I have also tried various options with the PaperCharacter blueprint, after setting the capsule’s height and radius to 0, such as preventing the character from being able to move on the Z axis (This is a top-down game), setting it’s gravity scale to 0 and other similar options to prevent it from falling through the ground, but the blueprint doesn’t appear follow the flipbook’s collision settings while a capsule exists.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Am willing to answer any questions you might have related to the problem.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

This is a drawback of UE4 and is also listed in the Trello but appears to be in Backlog.

Simply put you can’t add the Movement Component to anything other than the Character class as it is coded in the C++ class. You can choose to use a Pawn class which gives you more freedom with collision but this doesn’t allow you to use the Movement Component. The movement component relies on the Capsule collision for most of its features.

The only way round it is to code your own Movement component in C++ or set up your own movement in the Pawn class all of which is a fairly big task especially if you want replication.

I know this because I tried to make a minigamemode where you take form of a Static Mesh but the collision just never worked correctly and all I could do is scale the Capsule Component to fit as best I could which wouldn’t work great in your case.

You can vote for the features on UE4 Trello board.