Is it possible to copy Inputs/Outputs of a Function?

So I’m going through a whole-code refactoring and I’m moving some actor functions to function libraries for reuse but having to recreate all the input/output pins is kind of a pain. So I was curious if it’s possible to copy these inputs/outputs much in the way you can copy signatures with events?
I’ve tried the obvious of copy/pasting the purple node but the function library won’t take it, even when it’s from a function within itself.

I’ve never managed it. Suspect it would be possible with a plugin of course. Be interested to hear any answers…

This helps at times but it does not really solve the original issue:

Image from Gyazo

This is what I do too and while it does help a lot it too can get tedious with functions that pass many variables. I’ll mark your post as answer if no one else knows of a better option. Thanks!!