Is it possible to copy components from a blueprint to another without lossing transform informations?

If that is not possible, is it possible to use “convert selected components into a blueprint class”, with multiple actors including blueprint actors without the blueprint actors losing the blueprint information?


Not sure if there is a built in method to do this but I know of a possible workaround:

You could duplicate the blueprint you want to copy FROM and delete all the components you do NOT want to copy.
Now add this blueprint as a child actor component to the blueprint you want to paste into

I haven’t tested it and it might not suit your needs but it technically should do the trick

Thank you for the response.

I forgot to mention that the working files are levels. So that brings up another issue that is a blocker. What I’m experiencing is copy pasting from a level into a blueprint loses the transform offsets info, everything goes to 0,0,0.This is another issue I ran into and I see UDN questions about that with no solutions.

I see…
Didn’t even know copy pasting from level to blueprint is possible.
Well I can reproduce the issue and I tried a few things but I can’t get it to work either, sorry

Thanks for checking it out.