Is it possible to cook lightmaps/distance fields for procedural generated geometry at runtime?

Before anything, apologies if “C++ Gameplay Programming” isen’t the correct section to post this question, but I couldn’t find a better one.

I’m developing a product which creates static geometry on the fly at runtime (using the 20tabs/**UnrealEnginePython **plugin and/or C++ directly), which in turn requires lightmaps/distance fields to be baked so it can have it’s static light properly rendered. The cooking time is not an issue… I just want to known if it’s possible to use the editors cooking system to cook such maps in the actual game itself (not the editor) when new geometry is procedural created at runtime.

Also, if it is indeed possible, would be nice to find some documentation on how to port the lightmap/distance field baking system from the editor to the game itself for release.

Off course, would be nice to known from Epic if the unreal license allows for shipping a game that uses the “cooking” system to cook lightmaps/distance fields at runtime?

thanks in advance… any insight is mostly appreciated!!


so, no one knows anything about this?

You will not be able to package any project that includes editor modules / headers.

I See… so any type of light baking that needs to happen at runtime for runtime procedural static geometry needs to be developed by us then, correct?

In that case, is there documentation explaining the editors lightmap system?
Information like file format, what data needs to be baked, how unreal applies the lightmap data to the geometry at runtime, does it uses faces UVs, etc.

I’m no gfx programmer, you’ll have to ask that to a engine developer :slight_smile:

No problem! thanks man!! I saw the “Epic Mega Dev” there and I thought you would known! :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you known of anyway to ask an engine developer? Or I should just wait for one to see this post? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want a direct talk with engine devs your best bet is joining Epic’s UDN (paid support for corporations).
Anywhere else it’s hard to find them.

Haaaaa… so there is a paid support! I was wondering… LoL

I’ll have a look at that. Hopefully they have a indie subscription that I can afford! Thanks a lot! Really appreciate!