Is it possible to convert the sublevels into Data Layers in World Partition system?

I’ve successfully used commandlet to convert a umap of old system into the World Partition version. However, sublevels are now all merged, which is not desired because I want to preserve the separation of levels.

I think Data Layers is what I’m looking for. It shares similiar functionalities as of Levels. But I couldn’t find a direct way to convert Levels to Data Layers. The Documetation states one can convert the previous Layer system to Data Layers with the Dynamically Loaded option disabled. But it is sublevels I hope to convert, not the old layer system. Besides, I couldn’t find that Dynamically Loaded option anyway.

Looks like the only option left is to manually put those actors which are previously contained in sublevel into the new Data Layer? But I wonder if there’s another way to do this.

Any Suggestions would be appreciated!

I’ve solved this problem.

I took a second look on the documentation and realized that I misunderstood the meaning of it. The WP converter will automatically convert all layers from old system to the Data Layers in WP. The “DynamicallyLoad” option has been deprecated and is now called “isRuntime”.

In my case, all I have to do is to transfer every sublevel into a layer (select all actors from the level and then create a new layer). After it’s done, the conversion is all ready to go!

I’m trying to do the same but I converted my Persistent Level as World Partition and the Sub-levels aren’t accessible. I can open them individually (from the Content Browser), but how can I create Data Layers from them and port them into the main WP Level?

Same problem here. Did anyone find a solution to this?

So here is how it worked for me: Use the convert tool to convert the main level, but click the megre sublevels option. This will prepare the sublevels to be used as level instances in the world partition level but will not convert the main level.

Then use the convert tool again to actually convert the main level.

Drag the sublevels into the converted mainlevel and set their location to 0:0:0

Convert the persistent level with Merge only sublevel option will merge all sublevels into one Level Instance. It will eventually create empty level instances for the sublevels that had a Level Blueprint.

If you want the sub-levels to be separated, run the convert tool on each sub-level with Merge only sublevel option, it will create a level instance.
Then on the persistent level, delete all the sublevels in the Levels panel and convert it without the Merge only sublevel option.
Finally, drag and drop your sublevels_OFPA into the newly created persistentlevel_WP.