Is it possible to convert my Blueprint project to a C++ project?

My recent attempt at building a game with a Blueprint project has slammed headlong into a wall.
Namely my core actor is no longer recognized as the parent to all the other actors that I created, and plan to create, as its children.

This has prevented me from making use of class variables related to the parent and its children, and is pretty much a project killing bug.
Ive already done a search on AnswerHub and identified the bug as known, but not yet resolved.
I am hoping that this bug does not exist in C++ projects, and was wondering if it is possible to convert the work Ive done so far into a C++ project so I don’t have to start over from scratch?

Ehm, you want to ADD code to your project, or you want to convert the blueprints into code?

Because the second one must be done manually. Blueprints are precompiled from c++ classes and i don’t know a way to transform a BP in to code automaticly.

But if you only want to ADD code, then you can go to “File → Add Code to Project” and from now on, you have a C++ project, where you can add c++ files and need to compile the .sln file.

Start over from scratch it is. Thanks for the info.

does any one no how to convert bp to c++ i need some help?!

You need to go into the file: file → developer tools ----> convert to native c++.

However, the result produced is extremely bloated and full of unnecessary code, be warned