Is it possible to compile the game module as a separate .so file when package android?

If set “LinkType = TargetLinkType.Modular” in the game .Target.cs file when package android, the UBT system would tell modular link type is not supported on android platform. Then I found the function “ShouldCompileMnolithicBinary” which always return a true in the “UEBuildAndroid.cs” file, in the comment it says this platform currently always compiles monolithic.

What I want is to patch or hotfix the native C++ code in android apks, but it becomes quite difficult when the UBT compiles the whole C++ code (include the engine and the game) into a single file. I know it’s OK to do the same thing on Windows as to replace the dll files, so what is the reason to forbid modular link on android? Is this just because of the Google Play policy issue or any other technically problem? The native code patch function is sometimes quite useful.

I’ve tried to simply let the “ShouldCompileMnolithicBinary” return a false, and the result is apparently an error, it tells like “clang++.exe: error: no such file or directory: ‘X:\XXX.lib’” when link each target file. Not quite familiar to the whole UBT system, so if this is possible to modify, please give me a help or any suggestions, thanks!