Is it possible to compile dedicated server without source engine build?

I know this was a problem in the past, but I’m wondering if there’s now a way for us to shove the <ProjectName> into UE4 and have it recognized without a full source engine build? What about skipping the Visual Studio step (since it lacks the ‘Server’ build configs) and just running something via cmdline?

Any ideas? I’d like to be able to test server-only modules and other things that require a server build target, but would really rather not deal with all of the developmental overhead of having a source build of the engine.

Nudging this one up as we agree that this causes a lot of additional overhead for Enterprise development that we’d rather not have to deal with

Did you check 4.25? I’ve seen there is a server target in File -> Package Project -> Build Target but did not investigate further.

Are you using a build from source or the vanilla launcher version? In the launcher version it doesn’t appear in the menu you refer to

Precompiled launcher version while testing the ShooterGame example project.