Is it possible to combine aim offset and blendspace?

As title, bought the “Rifle Aimset Pro” on the epic store. There’s a “RifleStandAim” which is a aim offset and a “ClassicRifleStrafeMovement” which is a blendspace. The problem is I like my character to do the strafemovement with the aim offset at the same time. Is there a way to do such thing?

OK, figure it out somehow. In my situation, the aim offset is focus on upper body movement and the blendspace is focus on lower body. So the question tuns out to be as simple as how to apply them respectively? By using “Layered blend per bone.” The setting looks like this:

Since I only need them both in certain state, I didn’t do it in the AnimGraph like most of the tutorial or example online. You simply add a branch filter and put a root bone of the upper body, which is spine_03 for the default skeleton, and set “Blend Depth” to 1. What it does is it excludes all the animation within the spine_03 hierarchy, which is the upper body, of the base pose, and then implement the animation from the blend poses 0.

Be sure to check “Mesh Space Rotation Blend”, otherwise the animation from blend poses 0 will be sort of smoother by the engine, which will restrict you aim angle down to 45 degrees to all directions.
I’m still not fully aware of all the config settings. If I have any misunderstanding or you’d like to elaborate further, please do and thanks for your sharing.