Is it possible to change the mobility of StaticMeshComponent in construction script?


I made the blueprint having a construction script. The construction script reads a value of “Length” variable, adds StaticMeshComponents and applies correspond material. By that, I got procedural and variable length of Byoubu prop (Byōbu - Wikipedia).

But, I noticed that the mobility of these additional static mesh components is Movable, not Static. The mobility of the scene component that is only and root component is Static. But, additional static mesh component is Movable. It seems that I can’t change the mobility of them in construction script. Can I change the mobility of additional static mesh component? I hope that the procedural static props will be the same as static mesh actors that I put handy.

Thanks in advances,

Kazuhisa Minato.

Hi Kazuhisa,

When adding a component in a construction script, you can configure the component in the Details panel. You should be able to set the mobility (and many other settings) here, similar to how you would in the Components editor.


#I Made Blueprint Node for You

I made a blueprint node to allow you to set scene component mobility any time, anywhere!

You can use this in constructor script or in Event Graph / During Runtime.

My blueprint library does not require any C++ code compile, it is a plugin

full instructions in my forum thread!-Set-Scene-Component-Mobility?p=31776352&viewfull=1#post31776352


Kazuhisa have you tried my node yet? Any issues?

Can you make this node available on the unreal engine forums as well?

It’s here.