Is it possible to change the base content folder when importing assets from another project?

Hi, I’m kind of new to Unreal Engine.

I’m trying to copy over the assets/megaassemblies from the Electric Dreams sample project so that I may possibly reuse them in my own projects.

I understand that i can migrate the assets or copy them into the /content/ dir directly and it will work. My issue is that this obviously really bloats the main content dir and makes things quite unorganized.

I wanted to have the dir set up to something like content/electricdreams/ and have all the assetd in that dir so that it’s more organized. This however, breaks all of the assets because it is no longer in the base content dir.

Are there any options for achieving this?

For some reason when I copied over assets from the valley of the ancients sample a few months ago I never experienced this issue. I currently have content/ancientcontent/ and I can load these assets into my project with no problem and there’s nothing broken, but for some reason the electric dreams sample didn’t work the same way.


Hey @frisk_1234! Welcome to the forums!

As far as I know, the only way to go about this would be to create a folder in the base project, and put anything you want to move in said folder, fix up redirectors, then migrate that folder to the new Content directory :slight_smile: Moving files can be a headache, but not enough of one that it isn’t worth it!