Is it possible to change mesh's triangle indices at runtime?

Hello Everyone,

I want to change mesh’s vertex indices at runtime, is it possible?

I’m planning to develop a runtime plugin to custom the mesh, make it a progressive mesh.

I’v achieved it for Unity, but I have no clue with Unreal 4.

Any hints? Thank you.

I’m not quiet understand your idea.But I know there is already a dynamic LOD system with Simplygon
And if you want to do this with some mesh ,I think you can use procedural mesh component

But if you want to make a dynamic LOD system for every static mesh component,I think you may have to change the source code

Thanks for your reply.
The API is terribly simple, maybe I have to study the source code.

I have studied the source code of Unreal 4, and I have noticed the class of RawMesh and MeshUtility, but they are classes in the developer catalog, I doubt that I can not use them at runtime.

I want to know how I can access a mesh at runtime, and change its vertex indices dynamically:(

I have studied ‘StaticMesh.h’ and ‘StaticMesh.cpp’, there is no public method to get and set vertex indices, so it is not possible to achieve the function.
Unreal 4 has its fixed workflow, it only support traditional LOD models. To support progressive mesh, the core source code must be modified.