Is it possible to change direction during a root motion animation?

If i have, let’s say, an attack animation that moves the character forward with rootmotion, is it possible to rotate the character and guide it in the desired direction during the animation, without iterrupting it of course, using an input like WASD or the controller thumbstick? Or does rootmotion just disable all input?

Root motion is driven by the key animations applied to the root so direction changes should be included with in the animation data.

Lol… I just randomly glanced at the random title of the last posted topics, having coded a minute ago the very same issue you are asking for.
It works, just at the time of starting the animation with root motion run a timeline/timer that sets character’s actor rotation to face an enemy.

Even tho that’s not what i originally meant, that’s still very useful knowledge; thanks.

What i meant was if it was possible to turn the charachter in the middle of a root motion animation, but my research concluded that it’s probably not possible. I have found other ways to achieve what i needed so it’s ok.