Is it possible to change asset default orientation?

Let’s take the SM_Chair asset as an example, how can I change the default orientation of that asset? Right now the front of the chair is pointing towards the X axis while other assets such as SM_Toy_Cow are pointing towards the Y axis.

It’s not really a big deal but it is mildly annoying because of inconsistency, it’s inconsistent because some of the assets need to be turned 90 degrees to be in the same position as others.

I have checked in the UE4 editor but I couldn’t find anything, so my guess is that the only way is to change the 3D source in Blender or similar.

Hi AkumaMini,

When importing from any modeling software the best practice is to have your models Forward dimension facing in the Postive-X Axis. There is no way to set this within the editor for a specific model.

You can find the documentation where this is mentioned along with other best practices here.

Thank you!


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You can change the transform and reimport the mesh like this:

Thanks this helped so much.