Is it possible to chance the gamma about the event graph on a scope blueprint?

Hi guys i like to make a scope with nightvision. And i need to chance the gamma for that. I like to make this abaout the event graph.
I hope anyone can help me here.

Give it a buff on targeting, Change these settings in the buff -

I can’t give a buff on a weaponblueprint, there is not a buff option in the blueprint.

You can do it in the graph.

I dont find a buff function in the event graph. Can you post me a example? I have write in the searchfield buff an it give me 3 buff objects.

  1. set members in BuffAddition (Is the wrong)
  2. Break BuffAddition (is wrong)
  3. Make BuffAddition (is wrong)

All 3 options i can’t select a buff it is for characters. I don’t find more Buff objects in the Graph.

uncheck context sensitive then you should see “Static Add Buff”

So i have found it. Now the Problem is that the buff is only for a short time active. It give a short white flash and than is nothing more. The gamma is not other. I have make a screenshot of my event graph i hope you can help here too.


some buffs have a duration by default. set that to 0.

no that isn’t the problem. Duration is standing of 0.

ok guys i have it, the buff is now working, it have take a other buff now it works.