Is it possible to call animBPR from sequencer and blend within animations?

Hello, i am using UE4 only as an timeline based animation software not a game engine, i am a newbie and trying to understand the workflow ,(i come from blender and unity)I already have a character with morph targets , these morph targets are driven by bones with a blue print i already did, now i need to call this blueprint in sync with the audio files in the sequencer(for music lypsync) also, i cant find a way to blend this mouth already mentioned morph targets with the animations i want to run from the sequencer timeline for the body , please, i ve been reading almost full day for a long week and cant find a solution.


thanks in advance…t-in-sequencer it is a one not great way to animate morphs in sequencer. Maybe it helps. I also use unreal for only cinematics for now and I think that thefunctionality to animate morphs direct in sequencer very important feature that must be include to new version UE4

hey! thanks a lot, ill give it a try!
as a side note: i found a workaround , i made an animation blueprint to drive the morphtargets with a bone rotation, then applied this ABP to my mesh and recorded de facial animation via SEQUENCER RECORDER so i ended up with the morph targets on the face baked in the resulting animation , then i can use this clip animation to use it in the sequencer blended with the body animations.

morph target animation is stored in fbx from maya
I dont know how blender does it

another fast way is to just use alembic cache if your scene isn’t super big