Is it possible to bypass the Sign in on launcher?

We would like to use Unreal with a large number of students on multiple pcs. Is there anyway to bypass the Sign in on the launcher ie. remember details, but for all users. Thanks

Hey Its Purchasing -

You can find info here on education, but you should be able to use the same login on all of the machines and download what you need.

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What provisions does the Unreal Engine 4 End User License Agreement (EULA) make for educational use? All academic institutions are permitted to sign up for a subscription. You can install the Unreal Engine on all of your computers and allow all users, such as students working on those computers, to use the engine.

If a student wants to install Unreal Engine 4 on a personal laptop, or to release a product developed on an academic computer, he or she must sign up for a subscription.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum