Is it possible to build UE4 for 32-bit Windows?

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Back when I was young, I stupidly installed 32 bit Windows 7 on my PC. A few months down the line, I upgraded my RAM to 4GB. Never thought to install 64 bit. Anyway, I recently installed Windows 8 (64 bit) on a separate partition. I use UE4 on that, but it’s unbearably slow (it takes almost 8 minutes to start and load a project).

I’d like to know if there’s a way to build UE4 from source for 32 bit Windows. If I could use it on Windows 7, it would be so much easier to work with.

Thanks for your help (and your time)!

You could TRY to compile from source, But AFAIK it is not supported.

You would be better off investigating why it is running slow.

Another thing to be aware of is that the editor loads lots of files from disk, So it should be faster to start after that due to RAM caching.

Can you post system specs ? (GPU, CPU).

4GiBs of RAM is rather low, I would recommend a minimum of 8GiBs.
You just have to make sure that the RAM will play nice together, You may have to fiddle with there timings.


Thanks for replying - it’s a shame if it wouldn’t work. I don’t really have hours to wait for it to compile, just to see it doesn’t work in the end.

My CPU is a good ol’ Athlon 64 X2 4600+, and my GPU is a GT 520, slightly OC’ed. Everything on windows 7 runs fast, it’s just windows 8 that sucks. It’s not just ue4 either, it’s everything. Ah well, maybe I’ll just wait until I get a new PC.

this is a current gen graphic engine, it surely needs more that you think, even with my specs i have some graphical glitches and slowdowns, imagine your case

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I don’t know if those specs are adequent for UE4 editor, You will have to check the requirements page(there is one somewhere).

I suggest you do some digging into why Win8 is running so slow and then give UE4 a shot there.


Sorry for the late reply - I bit the bullet and installed Windows 10 over 8, and it’s a bit better now. The OS isn’t as slow as Win8 was, now I just need to get a new PC! :stuck_out_tongue: