Is it possible to build an ARkit app on windows only?

Is it possible to build an ARkit app on windows only? I have tried a lot of solutions presented on the web, but the “Remote compiling requires a server name. Please specify one in the Remote Server Name Setting Field.” still appears every time I try to launch.

If it is not possible and a Mac is required, can someone tell me the process of setting up “Remote Build Options”, the guides on the web only says, install Xcode on mac, install DeltaCopy on windows, but like is there nothing I need to setup in DeltaCopy? how is it possible for my windows PC to connect to a Mac with only the Mac name and User name?

Hi jasoncwf,the solution is only one and that are currently supported by UE4 is to Setup the DeltaCopy and Setup the Remote control on Mac machine.What does that mean “setup remote build”.This is means that on remote mac machine with the usage of XCode your PC machine will initiate the process to build your project with XCode and copy the *.ipa file back to your PC via DeltaCopy application.So basically its only possible if you have a MacOS installed on remote machine and you use it to build your soultion for IOS.
Good start will be reading the article

Hi! I’ve been walking that road the last few weeks and this is kind of the overall landscape on the situation:
-You can build an unreal app for iOS without a Mac if you use blueprints exclusively and don’t use any plugins.
-You can’t build an ARKit app on windows, unreal needs to send some files to be processed on a Mac, but on the weird side of things, you could run a virtual machine with Mojave on your windows PC and use it to do a remote compile. It will work horribly, because there’s no video acceleration and you will lose a little bit of your soul in the process, but it will do a remote compile of at least the sample project, I wouldn’t recommend it for a complex project, but at least the default template will compile.
-You will absolutely need a payed developer account to generate the certificates, I tried extracting them from XCode on my mac, but it didn’t work, maybe if you can work around it and have more patience than me you will succeed.

Here is the guide to set up remote compile that worked for me.
This video helped me get up and running with certificates and all the iOS madness. 16 - iOS Set-up and Development - YouTube

Best of luck fellow tinkerer, and if you follow this path, consider buying a Mac even if just for remote build, I’m using my old Macbook pro 2011 and it’s so much nicer than a VM,

[USER=“2758595”]Maksym Nosatov[/USER] thanks I will try following those instructions

@ArielQuinteros thanks, I do have a developer account, and got the certificate and provision profile already, and I did saw the guide to set up remote compile, but I am stuck on the Mac part of the guide, specifically the exporting from Xcode part, like I don’t understand why do I need Xcode to get those, I got those from the developer app already. Also, it only told me to instal Delta Copy, but is that it, do I not need to setup anything?

What you should do is follow the instructions on the video that I posted to generate and put your certificates on unreal, then you should follow the guide that I posted to set up the remote build on unreal and on your mac, ignore the part about the certificates, just follow the guide from point 3 since you already have the certificates if you followed the video.

@ArielQuinteros so is there nothing i have to do with Xcode? just download it? because I did that and I got the “ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64 clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)” error

@jasoncwf I did nothing else besides logging into Xcode with my Developer ID on Preferences->Accounts, I didn’t use any of the files that the remote compile guide said.