Is it possible to break up the Projectile Movement "Bounciness" parameter into a vector?

Is it possible to break up the “Bounciness” parameter into a vector. For example:

Bounciness On X Hits: .7
Bounciness On Y Hits: .7
Bounciness on Z Hits: 0

What I really want is the projectile to bounce off the walls but not bounce up off the ground. Sort of like a hockey puck that bounces off walls and can move vertically but slides when it hits the ground instead of bouncing back up. I have tried messing with plane constrain, a variety of Parameter Setting based on trigger overlap techniques and adjusting local transform based on various rules but can’t get the movement I am looking for. I think breaking the Bounciness parameter into it’s X,Y, Z hits would do it. Not sure if that could be done with line tracing somehow. Any advice is appreciated


I also noticed there is a “Projectile Sliding” parameter in the Projectile Movement Component which sounds like it might help but it is grayed out. Not sure what has to be on to get that available or if it would help.