Is it possible to batch render / batch a scene without playing it?

I’m used to working with headless rendering of scenes in Maya and other Cinematic software, (set the scenes, then run a command to batch out each render into a series without needing the UI) I’m wondering if that’s possible with unreal?

My current scene just has a rotating sphere (planet) and I want to render out a bunch of them (randomly setting properties in the sphere) without having to manually go through each scene, set it up, play the editor and record. Is there a way to do this faster and batchable?

There are a few ways to automate sequence setup and rendering:
Rendering via command line:
Via python, see example in engine folder: Engine\Plugins\MovieScene\SequencerScripting\Content\Python\ and
Via blutility blueprint by enabling plugin “Sequencer Scripting”